Green Goo

Title: Green Goo

Type: Sound

Year: 2005 - 2006

Genre: Ensemble

Instruments: Fl/Picc_Ob_Cl/B.Cl_Sax_Per_ P_Vl_Vla_Vc

Duration: 10m

Commission: Ensemble Espai Sonor / IVM

Premiere: 18 June 2006

Location: MOSTRA SONORA / Sueca

Performer: Ensemble Espai Sonor

Conductor: Voro García

Between 2004 and 2006 Roberto López worked in a group of conceptually based works in an emerging field of science called Nanoscience, which is the study of materials at the nanometer scale which goes from the microscale to the atomic-molecular scale. Science is interested in studying the nano to get to better understand the world around us and with nanotechnology to manipulate and control objects at that scale.

This was for Roberto López a starting point to create three works, Allegro Artificiale in 2004, Green Goo between 2005 and 2006 and Polvo Cósmico in 2006.

Green Goo is the name with which it is defined, in science fiction, the catastrophic vision that advances in nanotechnology could result in the existence of the human being, where tiny robots, half-cell, half-circuits are coupled to DNA molecules and therefore these would behave as "living machines", which supposedly would lead to these "nano-machines" to lose control and multiply ad infinitum using all living matter and minerals find in their path, causing the total extinction of human beings.

Roberto López focuses his work on this idea of the catastrophic versus the inevitable advance of our knowledge, the progress versus the ethical and moral questions of the individuals.

Green Goo was commissioned by the Valencian Institute of Music and was premiered by Ensemble Espai Sonor at the Mostra Sonora 2006.