Polvo Cósmico

Title: Polvo Cósmico

Type: Sound

Year: 2006

Genre: Duo

Instruments: Soprano_Piano

Duration: ca. 6-7m

Commission: Ensems / IVM

Premiere: 19 May 2006

Location: ENSEMS Festival Teatre Talia / Valencia

Performer: Pilar Jurado / Bartomeu Jaume

Between 2004 and 2006 Roberto López worked in a group of conceptually based works in an emerging field of science called Nanoscience, which is the study of materials at the nanometer scale which goes from the microscale to the atomic-molecular scale. Science is interested in studying the nano to get to better understand the world around us and with nanotechnology to manipulate and control objects at that scale.

This was for Roberto López a starting point to create three works, Allegro Artificiale in 2004, Green Goo between 2005 and 2006 and Polvo Cósmico in 2006.

This work titled Polvo Cósmico is written for voice and piano with text by the author himself and was part of the creative and editorial project Quaderns, a project commissioned by the Valencian Institute of Music for the XXVIII International Festival of Contemporary Music, Ensems 2006.
That year the festival was held under the motto "The Music of the Spheres" in relation to the activities that took place at the University of Valencia for the presentation of the LVII International Astronautical Congress. Under this theme the festival wanted to show the relationship between mathematics, philosophy and aesthetic realization, in order to provoke a reflexive line about the music, not only in its aesthetic aspect, but also philosophical and human.

On this idea of the music of the spheres and the initial notes related to nano-materials, Roberto López began working from one of the crucial components in the formation of stars and planets, the cosmic dust, tiny particles together to gas clusters originated the original matter.

The work is structured from this formal representation of the dust as a generator of forms and contents but also as a residual element, after the decomposition of these forms and contents. For this, Roberto López fragments the text and alters the order of the syllables and vowels getting everything become unintelligible and unrecognizable but inevitably giving origin to something new. He also manipulates the timbre and rhythm of the internal and external sounds to the text, and rearranges through a random recombination process as analogy dust organization in space.

For the development of this work and due to the complexity that supposed transfer the idea on the score, Roberto López invented a new and specific graphy to be consistent as a whole and to be able to code all sounds under the same symbology.