Erotic Trio

Title: Erotic Trio

Type: Sound

Year: 2010

Genre: Trio

Instruments: Vl_Vc_P_Elect

Duration: 12m 8s

Commission: Grup Instrumental de València

Premiere: 5 November 2010

Location: Ciclo Entender la Música Contemporánea - Auditorio del IFV / Valencia

Premiere: 11 November 2010

Location: Festival d´Ensembles / Músicas del S.XXI - L´Auditori / Barcelona

Premiere: 15 November 2010

Location: Festival Década I / Música 2000 - Auditorio Palacio de Congresos / Zaragoza

Premiere: 19 November 2010

Location: Festival Ensembles / Músicas del S.XXI - Claves de Acceso IV - Compositores Españoles - Círculo de Bellas Artes / Madrid

Premiere: 25 November 2010

Location: Festival Rozart Mix XXI / Solo XXI - IVAM museum / Valencia

Performer: Grup Instrumental de València

The proposal of Roberto López is expressing the eroticism with a contemporary sound language. A proposal which in its materialization involves a delicate process when we assume that the sound or music is pure abstraction, and only when in the music is incorporated some component decipherable, with a very perceptible and defined codes, only then, the abstract transmission of the sound content could potentially have a direct communication with the listener.

In Erotic Trio, Roberto López uses some parameters that, under pure abstraction, we might suggest some basic approaches of eroticism. The sensitivity in the elaboration of sound material, a strict essentiality as a means of seduction and insinuation, a significant poetic content as a catalyst of eroticism, a game of harmonic relationships confronted to have an approximation to the constant seduction. All these preliminary intentions, and approaching the Platonic postulates about eroticism, are the trigger that could approach the concept of sound erotic which leads to the contemplation, in the "not listening" conscious, with the purpose to get carried away without any kind of anticipated restriction, without any kind of technical analysis that would go into a state of judgment and not leave room for the imagination. As Octavio Paz said, the imagination is talisman and refuge that allows to create the eroticism and fiction to "protect us" of the destructive loneliness.