Title: Sounds

Type: Sound

Year: 2009 - 2010

Genre: Ensemble

Instruments: Fl/Picc_Ob_Cl/B.Cl_Sax_Per_P_Vl_Vla_Vc_Elect

Duration: 18m 15s

Commission: Ensemble Espai Sonor / INAEM

Premiere: 12 May 2010

Location: ENSEMS Festival - Teatre Talia / Valencia

Performer: Ensemble Espai Sonor

Conductor: Voro García

At the premiere of Sounds, Roberto López said:

“When the primitive ovum burst forming what we call Universe, that bang happened in absolute silence for very incomprehensible it may seem. Nobody heard the Big Bang because there were not eardrums to move. We know that sounds exist only in our heads, the waves collide in our ears and once inside us, at that precise moment, the vibrations become sound and then it all begins. The sound is part of our survival, of our most primitive nature. The interpretation of sound information that our brain receives is purely selective conditioned by our genes and our environment, but that over time has also developed our imagination and creativity. The power of imagination through sound. Hear a sound, any sound. There is so much to discover in a single sound.”

Sounds proposes a deep reflection on the sound. What is the sound in its most irrational condition? What is its function in our most primitive and visceral psychology? Each sound has an established code, a specific information. This information generates active mechanisms of behavior in our brain that happen in milliseconds. Where does that sound come from? What is the distance between that sound source and the sound receptor? Is a sound threatening or peaceful? Who or what is producing that sound? Why and how is produced that sound? All these questions have an answer immediately unconscious that, depending on the information received and through our perceptions and experiences accumulated to produce a particular reaction can be passive or active.
The space-time dilation, containment in the making of the material or the search of the strictly essential, are some of the techniques used by Roberto López with the purpose of giving to the listener the possibility of deeper reflection on the sound and its meaning.