Exhibition / Casa de Velázquez

The exhibition is from October 6 to November 16 at Casa de Velázquez of Madrid, and the opening will be on Thursday 6 at 19.00h

The exhibition is part of the Festival de las Artes Ciutat Vella Oberta and the artworks presented by Roberto López are two drawings of the series Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. These works are framed within the project called Principia, which the artist has been developing for two years, and is based on the scientific branch of astronomy, specifically based on the work of Isaac Newton - Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

In this work Roberto López connects extracted concepts and ideas in physics, geometry, laws of motion, gravitational forces, scientific study techniques, etc., with concepts and ideas related to items or situations of social and cultural nature as social demonstrations for the political and economic convulsions or construction and deconstruction of identities and symbols.


23 September 2016